04. Okt 2010


Dienstag Abend von Ludwig Kittinger & Fernando Mesquita

(installation)views of the action „Smashing Pumpkins“

AkillsB is a platform for collaborative projects initiated by João Ferro Martins and Hugo Canoilas in 2007. Since then, they have tried to develop plastic, musical and conceptual consequences, out of the selected formula (“A kills B”); they developed several instances of intervention based on the idea of annulment of the subjective individuality, as well as of artistic categorization within creative processes of interaction and negotiation. Thus, the collective formed by these two artists undertook several public activities – 11 events – between 2008 and 2010, conceived as a non programmatic juxtaposition – not to be a priori taken as conciliating the differences in conception – of aesthetic values and language routines, typical of the obviously divergent activity individually carried out by each of them, in accordance with a logic of plastic, musical and performative productivity of a non organic nature, taken instead as decisively determined by the impersonal co-presence of factors interplayed by each of these two individualities.


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