25. Okt 2011

Doris Piwonka

Madrid. En el Museo del Prado

Dienstag Abend von Ludwig Kittinger & Fernando Mesquita

“What we learn as art students is that the concept of modern museums was starting more or less 250 years ago. Nowadays contemporary art
is acting like a parasite in order to achieve other spaces.” (Francesco Jodice, * 1967, lives and works in Milan)
His exhibition is running at the museum of Prado at the moment, showing films of spectators standing still and looking serious in front of the paintings and architecture of the museum, just as a testimony of being in an important environment. The films will be shown at different cinemas in Spain.

When I visited the museum in august, as someone who can easily be impressed by colors without focusing on the content of the picture,
I was in a hurry because I could not effort looking at all of the 7000+ paintings. So I concentrated on Spanish and Italian painting.
When I came back and painted the picture that I`ll show on tuesday night, I took the black and brown color.
A friend of mine was talking about feeling a shame standing in front of a painting and that he prefers looking at a photograph of a painting.

,Untitled 2011′, 220x230cm, oil on canvas

Doris Piwonka
*1968 in Judenburg 1996-2000 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna lives in Vienna

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