Wuuu and sky, land and body

Manfred Hubmann & Ida Britta Petrelius

in the frame of "Mirrors would do well to reflect more before sending back images...

17. März 2011

installation view: „Wuuu (Beton, Holz, Blut)“, 2011

installation view: „Sky, land and body (globes, watercoloured paper)“, 2011

Ida Britta Petrelius
born 1987 in Stockholm / Sweden and studies at Valand school of fine arts in Gothenburg.
My work is influenced of the small and general understandings and discoveries of nature in the childhood, the magic and the physical relationship to nature and reality. The fact that we all are bodies moving around, interacting with each other, and the movement of our consciousness through time, from past into present and to the future.
2010. Makarna Almqvist donation
Group Exhibitions
2011. The poolyshow. Rotor2 Gallery, Gothenburg, It is for us. Valand Dungeon, Gothenburg
2010. What to do with the leftovers. Rotor2 Gallery, Gothenburg. Tomma rum projekt. Telegrafen, Tranås.
2009. Antagningsutställning, Galleri Rotor, Gothenburg, Vårutställning, Konsthallen Gerlesborg, Bohuslän
2006. iRetur, Galleri Uffes Källare, Växjö

Manfred Hubmann,
geb. 1985, Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, Klasse für Kunst und Fotografie

«Sulzbacher Petermichl „Mirrors would do well to reflect more before sending back images (Juliette Blightman)
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