13. 12. 2011

Marko Markovic & Marijan Crtalic


Dienstag Abend von Ludwig Kittinger & Fernando Mesquita

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Marko Markovic
(born in 1983) graduated painting at Art Academy in Split. He does researches in different media: video, installation, ambient, performance and happening.. He is the organizer of the performance festival “Days of Open Performance in Split- DOPUST”. He is the front man in performative punk/ noise/ electro band ILIJA I ZRNO ŽITA (ILIJA AND THE GRAIN). He lives and works in Zagreb. He is the current winner of Radoslav Putar annual national award for young visual artist.

Marijan Crtalic
(born in 1968). He graduated painting at Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts. His works are based on an intense exploration of his places of residence.
He scrutinizes these locations through the lens of their respective histories, as well as placing them in the context of current political and social issues.
These issues are voiced and are made accessible through the artist’s interactive projects, interventions and performances. For his ongoing project “Invisible Sisak- The Ironworks phenomenon” he was awarded with T-HT@Museum of Contemporary Art Award in 2010.

in collaboration with Loose Associations, Zagreb
supported by the Croatian Ministry of Culture

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