Tina Gverovic & Ben Cain

"What Would Objects Do Without Us"

Dienstag Abend von Ludwig Kittinger & Fernando Mesquita

14. 06. 2011

installation views of an experimental design „What Would Objects Do Without Us“, mixed media

(enlarge: click image)

What do we do for objects, what do they do for us? Things just sit there quite still, doing nothing, and are forced to become all
sorts of other things without them even saying a word.
On display here is an object’s move from being a familiar thing (with which we know how to behave),
to being an unfamiliar thing (who’s value or use-value doesn’t immediately fit into the familiar order of things).
Objects are perceived here as action-producing, and at the same time they are innocent bystanders.
The sound played over the speakers is the sound of objects moving in unison, doing their own thing? If the objects are independent,
and act without our directions, what’s our part in all this?
Think of the scene in Disney’s Fantasia where the brooms clean all by themselves, although think of this scene without the objects
taking on a servile role.

Ben Cain & Tina Gverovic
collaborated on following:

Artist books
Foreigners in Their Own Country, (hard back, colour, 1 000 copies, produced by Middlesex University, London). Constant Traveller,
(hard back, colour, 500 copies, produced by BOP Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia). At First Sight, (soft back, colour, 500 copies by Siemens).
The Visit, (soft back, b/w, 500 copies, produced by Miroslav Kraljevic Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia).
Curatorial projects
2006/ Near Island, PM gallery, group exhibition, incl. Susan Kelly and Dan Robinson, Zagreb, Croatia.
2005/ Psychometrics, SC Gallery, group exhibition, incl. Dave Beech, Pavel Braila, Christof Steinmann, Laura Quarmby and Brian Davies.
Third Part-Reset, project incl. series of video installation, Gliptoteka HAZU.
2009/ This Group Will Never Disappear, Lenbachhaus Kubus, Muenchen (curated by WHW).
2006/ Here and Now, Present But Not Concrete, Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana, Slovenija (curated by WHW).
Monuments for Nikola Tesla, poster for group show at Gallery Nova, curated by WHW, Zagreb, Croatia.
Spies and Subjects, installation with sound, Notice Gallery, London, UK.
2005/ You and Me, video / sound installation for ‘Continental Breakfast’. Museum of Modern Art, Maribor, Slovenia. About Recording and Watching, video Installation for ‘Insert’; Museum of Modern Art, Zagreb.
2004/ What To See, What To Do, Where To Go. ev+a Limerick City galerija, Limerick, Irska (curated by Zdenka Badovinec).

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