20. Sept 2011

Yuki Higashino

,Rearrangement for Vienna'

Dienstag Abend von Ludwig Kittinger & Fernando Mesquita

installation views:
1&2.) „You can’t be an artist if you are afraid of getting dirty (Bowie-Auerbach study)“, Inkjet and acrylic on watercolor paper, 2011;
3.) „Macht, Korruption und Lügen (flattened)“, Watercolour on wall, texts, sound, 2011;
4.) „A painting method proposed by Spike Milligan (flattened)“, Paper collage, 2011.

The Mendel Art Gallery is pleased to present a new body of photographic work by iconic singer/songwriter and visual artist Joni Mitchell.
As moving as her musical works, Green Flag Song depicts a deeply personal response to the consequences of war and humanity’s struggle with itself. The exhibition consists of a series of large green-toned triptychs created from digitally modified combinations of photographic images, printed on canvas.

The impetus for this work began when Mitchell’s malfunctioning television began emitting images that resembled green-tinted photographic negatives. Mitchell began to take photographs of the dying screen, and when enlarged and printed on canvas, the result is a collection of intense, dark, semiabstract images. Through photographic expression and rich, saturated colours, Mitchell invites audiences to participate in a collective awareness of a need for change. Primarily recognized as a singer and songwriter, Joni Mitchell brings to these vivid and arresting images the same profound social, political, and spiritual conviction that informs her music.

The Mendel is the only scheduled venue in Western Canada for Green Flag Song.

Yuki Higashino
Born 1984, Japan
Lives and works in Vienna

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