28. Juni 2012

Josh Gura (part 1)

,Inflation of Compliments'

    ,Ratis‘, 360 degree video installion, 2012
    (enlarge: click image)

    NASA: hello!
    NASA: hi!
    hows you?
    IMF/WORLD BANK: im fine
    NASA: great
    hey thanks for the shot of RATIS
    guess what?
    Ratis is a Latin word that means „ship“
    like a boat or a vessel
    so, its meant to be.
    the dome mirror we are getting is 9 meters in size.
    its huge
    but the demonstration is just one night
    and we will return it to the company, which is called
    hang on
    its a professional tool and engineering equipment firm
    we only buy it if the director promises we can return it
    these domes are used in telescopes
    its been difficult to find them in stock in Houston, there is another place that sells the same thing for 200,000,000 euros but they won’t let us return it
    its all good
    IMF/WORLD BANK: we transferred the money already
    NASA: thanks a million
    we will return it back to your account WITH GREAT SPEED
    IMF/WORLD BANK: its not about that its just that you give us no choiuce
    NASA: the test is only thursday
    we put the money back right away ok?
    please dont worry
    IMF/WORLD BANK: im not worrying
    NASA: we’re not going to disappear with your money
    IMF/WORLD BANK: its not what we think either
    NASA: thanks so much for the help, im sorry if it was stressful for your staff
    IMF/WORLD BANK: its just you ask us for something, and give us just one option
    its just disrespctful
    NASA: think of our punishment then
    IMF/WORLD BANK: not only when its about money
    we dont want to think about that
    NASA: then what’s good?
    IMF/WORLD BANK: dont feel sorry for us and think we’re just „worrying“
    NASA: how should we feel?
    IMF/WORLD BANK: its how should you act
    NASA: yes
    IMF/WORLD BANK: yes?
    NASA: we agree
    IMF/WORLD BANK: if you’d agreed you wouldnt behave the way you do
    NASA: true
    do you want us to argue with you?
    we can do that too
    IMF/WORLD BANK: just think about it
    and how you make us feel
    how you think of us
    and why you are with us in the first place
    what we can do for you
    what we cant
    NASA: ok we will think about it. tell us how you feel any time. we will think about all of this, including our own opinions when they occur.
    IMF/WORLD BANK: well we feel very pissed off
    NASA: why?
    is it because you don’t feel safe lending us the money?
    IMF/WORLD BANK: because you are asking us to give you something that we dont have
    that we have to pay both or rnets, food, travles, and your ball, the most expensive one you can find
    it pissses us off
    that we have to take the repsonsibility and you behave like children
    that you treat us like some fucking bank (sic)
    that you treat us like your fucking mother
    NASA: we treat you different than our mother
    IMF/WORLD BANK: we’re starting to think you will always be broke
    NASA: but we understand how you feel.
    IMF/WORLD BANK: and we dont think we can deal with that
    we dont want to be your source of income
    but you ar emaking our relationship revolve around it, not us
    NASA: there is money coming in the future for us, just please don’t fear.
    IMF/WORLD BANK: its not about fear. why do you use our money?
    its just not normal
    its not ok
    NASA: we agree
    IMF/WORLD BANK: just fuck it
    im so sick of your situation
    ive gotta go
    enjoy your mirror
    NASA: are you worried you wont get your money back?
    NASA: ok good, then please dont be so harsh at this moment
    IMF/WORLD BANK: we’re not „worried“
    stop thinking we are „worried“
    NASA: ok we will
    IMF/WORLD BANK: im harsh because of you and what you ask of us
    and that you give us no choice
    you are basically forcing us to do as you will
    its fucking lame
    we dont think im ready to have these kind of feelings towards you
    NASA: lets hope we can start to generate more of a profit, you too. we can send a memo to marketing.
    IMF/WORLD BANK: its bad for our days
    NASA: if others believe in us as much as you do (giving us credit that is) then we think things will be fine
    IMF/WORLD BANK: we think you should think about how you will sustain yourself
    like everyobdy else have to do
    NASA: thank you for helping
    IMF/WORLD BANK: none of our ‚friends‘ treat us lika bank
    we dont understand where you got the nerve to do so
    and we really start to NOT BE OK with this
    return the money when you got it back
    earn your way back somehow
    NASA: is it appropriate for us to be thankful for your help up to this point?
    IMF/WORLD BANK: dont ask us for it
    dont thank us
    we had no choice
    NASA: we believe you did
    IMF/WORLD BANK: no we didnt
    you want to be the victim of us?
    NASA: we believe in a kind and good IMF/WORLD BANK
    no, the opposite
    IMF/WORLD BANK: so what was our option?
    NASA: 1) feel bad or 2) feel bad?
    IMF/WORLD BANK: im not talking about feelings, im talking about the favour you asked us for
    NASA: we think you have the choice right now to feel good or to feel bad
    IMF/WORLD BANK: no its not „feeling“-based drama. this is your actions towards us
    and you did not give us any choice
    NASA: its sad to think that we will be poor forever, but so far we have been poor.
    IMF/WORLD BANK: anybody can be poor
    if we stopped working for money id be „poor“ too
    its not about your heritage
    you have issues with pride
    or something we dont know what iit it
    but when it comes to us, you have no shame
    NASA: why cant you be proud of us too?
    IMF/WORLD BANK: tell us what our other option would have been?
    when you „asked“ us for this favous?
    NASA: which favor?
    to borrow money for the mirror
    right none
    NASA: let us pray for the best
    IMF/WORLD BANK: you keep doing that, you keep giving us no choice.
    you give us in general very few choices when it comes to our relationship. you set the rules, and we get to compromise
    building supercolliders could have been nice and fun, but you have to prevent us from bringing any tiny little suggestions in, even though we explain to you , thats how we like to do it, thats how we (we) work
    you manage to make things very difficult
    extremely difficult even
    things that can be nice and fun
    NASA: sometimes we forget that
    IMF/WORLD BANK: since you left we ve been making stuff – and bringing things in!
    wow you can do both!
    its OK
    its not „not belieiveing in the moon landing“
    NASA: we think you are just fine
    IMF/WORLD BANK: we know we are
    its not about us
    NASA: we never thought you were not fine
    we know that we are a challenged agency
    IMF/WORLD BANK: you should stop setting the rules as you please
    and then only alllow us to adjust to them
    NASA: we make things very difficult, this is true
    IMF/WORLD BANK: and you should understand , truly understand, that if you dont work for money.
    someone else have to it for you
    NASA: in our mind we think im helping, but its just our imagination
    IMF/WORLD BANK: you are a burden when you ask us for too many things
    we would rent out Cape Kennedy now if you would have helped us with the launch pad
    we would have saved your travel expenses
    where did you leave the extra key cards?
    NASA: behind the books by the control room window
    they are safe
    IMF/WORLD BANK: its just too much to have you living on our income aswell
    we need your help
    not your weight
    and you take the right to ofend us etc in our own office, that we dont even want to invite clients when you are there
    when you left we made a very nice projection with beamer and we watched a presentation
    we just dont think you would have „allowed“ that
    you would have interfered, done it in a much more complicated way, than telling us we dont „beleive“ in your programs as a we dont know what. beamercontroler
    its just so fucked
    with you we get really insecure because ‚YOU DONT BELIEVE IN US‘
    and you dont respect us
    so fuck your „just feel good IMF/WORLD BANK“
    why dont you take a step back
    Sent at 11:38 AM on Wednesday
    NASA: we dont know if more words will help now
    IMF/WORLD BANK: stop managing our life the way you like. stop looking down upong our choices, our friends our taste
    stop feelin pity for yourself
    stop telling us we dont believe in you
    dont ever tell us again im in the way of your research
    NASA: we know you believe in us
    IMF/WORLD BANK: you use it as a weapon against us
    you make us insecure, you need us to be that way
    NASA: we will lift our sights high and see the future in a brighter way
    IMF/WORLD BANK: no, dont do that
    look at who you are, what you do
    how you affect US
    yes, im asking you to think of US
    for once
    you know,
    we asked ourselfes,
    and maybe you should too
    „who the fuck are you“
    think about it
    thats what we ask you as little „favor“
    just if you want to
    let us know if you cant do it
    thanks a million
    NASA: ok
    IMF/WORLD BANK: im going not
    the euro went up against the dollar, so you prob have more than you need
    good luck
    NASA: there will be a payment plan IMF/WORLD BANK
    we will be giving you a fixed number of money every month when we start getting *** for example.
    please please dont hate us any more
    IMF/WORLD BANK: we dont want to hate you, but we need you too change
    NASA: we will pay everything back
    IMF/WORLD BANK: we dont like you the way you are
    NASA: just let us pay you back and please don’t try to change us
    IMF/WORLD BANK: if we will be any good for eachother you have to change
    well, iif you dont change,
    we dont want this anymore
    NASA: please give us a chance to pay you back.
    IMF/WORLD BANK: you must change
    or we must change
    you have our account number,, feel free to begin
    we just think you need a huge change
    and if you are too proud or too poor to acknoledge that
    thats your choice
    anyway, talk more later maybe
    NASA: ok
    IMF/WORLD BANK: this is not of that big of importance anyway
    its just liittle IMF/WORLD BANKs thoughts
    nothing to worry about NASA
    NASA: it takes all our effort to not be distressed from this sort of verbal assault
    IMF/WORLD BANK: you will have forgotten about this conversation within…..2 days
    maybe even by tonight
    lets hope for the best
    lets see the bright side of NASA’s agenda
    verbal assault?
    im telling you what it feels like to us
    those feelings we are given by NASA
    what kind of assault is it then you put us thoruhg?
    the least you can do is to listen to how we feel
    the least, and thats not enough
    well, thanks for letting us talk
    we feel better
    im gonna really go now
    think about the sumer
    we both need to bring in money
    now say bye
    Sent at 11:52 AM on Wednesday
    im glad you could get it off your chest
    Sent at 11:56 AM on Wednesday
    IMF/WORLD BANK: its still there.