13. Sept 2012

Markus Proschek

,Painful Pleasures'

    *1981 Schwarzach i. Pg.
    2001-2008 University of Applied Arts, Vienna
    lives and works in Vienna

    exhibitions and projects: (selection)
    solo exhibitions:
    2011 “Schizo-Revolte” Forum Stadtpark, Graz (A)
    2010 “REPETITION COMPULSION” Austrian Cultural Forum, London (GB)
    2009 “Anlage M” Galerie5020, Salzburg (A)
    2008 “Elements of Light” Hellenic American Union, Athen (GR)
    (in cooperation with Stella Art Foundation-Moscow)
    “Patt” STRABAG Kunstforum, Vienna (A)
    “[Read July 1st, 1858.]” Universität für Angewandte Kunst, Vienna (A)
    2006 “Immenkörung” Startgalerie MUSA, Vienna (A)
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    Öl/PVC auf Marmor, je 80x60x4cm, 2011

    MALE: It’s a cold and an empty feeling,
    just staring endlessly
    at a cold and an faceless ceiling,
    and wondering where she’ll be.

    FEMALE: Then at last when I think he’s found me,
    at last my time has come.
    Ah, the women are all around me,
    and I’m back where I started from.

    HERMAPHRODITE: But here’s some news,
    I’ll make it plain.
    Friends you haven’t a thing to lose,
    just forget all the old taboos,
    you’ve got really much more to gain.

    Just get closer to
    the one you’re close to.
    And that needn’t be
    the one you’re s’posed to.

    Cast out your fears,
    chase them away.
    You’ve been waiting around for years,
    now it’s time that you shifted gears,
    why be glum when you could be gay?

    Once around should suffice,
    if you’ll just slip a little versa into your vice.

    (Lyrics: Salon Kitty-seq.1 )