Di., 24. 04. 2012

,the combed thunderclap‘ (2)

A Three Evening Program by Dorota Walentynowicz

Im Rahmen von ,Dienstag Abend’ wird eine Installation der polnischen Künstlerin Dominika Skutnik gezeigt.

    Dominika Skutnik, although educated as a painter, stopped painting a long time ago. Currently, she has been mostly engaged in installations – her work consists in grasping the moment of balance between opposing forces. The artist is interested in the energy exchange between the ouvre and the viewer and a direct (in contrast to metaphorical or symbolic) creation of the viewer’s emotional states through contact with art. She formally relates to objects and spaces generating concentration and appeasement.
    In Vesch she installs a work entitled “Fissure” – a piece based on the tension between seemingly contradictory types of materials: plastic, tacky flowers and a noble artificiality of the „white cube“.

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    installation(detail)views ,Fissure‘, 2010