Di., 01. 05. 2012

,the combed thunderclap’ (3)

Anna Witkowska & Adam Witkowski

A Three Evening Program by Dorota Walentynowicz

in the frame of ,Dienstag Abend‘ by Ludwig Kittinger & Fernando Mesquita
„Come closer and see / see into the trees…”

    Works of Anna Witkowska and Adam Witkowski are often interpreted in terms of metaphysics of the everyday life, family activities in the field of art, and blurring genre boundaries. Using multiple tactics, artists search the thickets of popular culture in search for the evidence of existence of the invisible. The works shown in Vesch are in a large part based on reinterpretations and quotations from pop songs and popular imagery.
    Repetitive citation and reprocessing seems to be characteristic of the work of Anna and Adam Witkowski. Under this creative approach lies the desire to reach the general image of the collective imagination, sometimes unconscious, and to expose that what is common to all sentient beings and what is inexpressible and indescribable by means other than the language of art.

    In cooperation with Polish Institute Vienna; supported by City of Gdansk Culture Fonds.

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installation view Anna Witkowska (left) and Adam Witkowski & Anna Witkowska (right)

drawing by Adam Witkowski ,calligraphy’, 2012