Di., 28.05. (19h)

Anatoliy Babiychuk

,The Garages of Chervonograd‘

    ein Abend von Martin Vesely: in der Perspektive der Fotografie

    The “garage area” is a phenomenon that can be found in almost every Soviet urban landscape. Built in the 1970s to 1990s, these areas have become a significant element in the cityscapes of the former Soviet Union. Despite a strict standardization stipulated by the building code they each have their individual design. From the moment the garages were built they were “misused”. Both the architectural form and the functions of the garages were quickly reappropriated. In the early 1990s this functional transformation only increased. The garages have become a place of refuge from everyday life. They have become artists’ studios, rehearsal rooms for musicians, places for love affairs, storage facilities, workshops, meeting places for friends, places for alcohol and drug production, trafficking and consumption. This trend can be seen as a search – mainly on the part of the male population – for a new and often last resort of private space away from the family or the state.

    This photographic work documents the emergence and development of concepts of individual freedom in the Soviet system and their transformation under post-Soviet conditions.

    ,Die Garagen von Chervonograd‘, 2007-2012
    Analoge Fotografie. 244 C-Prints, aufgenommen auf Farbnegativ-Film im Format 4×5 Inch
    (eine Belichtungsserie aus der Dunkelkammer)

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    Anatoliy Babiychuk
    Born 1975 in Sosnivka, former USSR
    Lives and works in Vienna and Chervonograd, Ukraine

    2006-2013 Fine Art & Photography at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
    Professors: Matthias Herrmann and Martin Guttmann
    2012 Fine Art Media (Exchange program) at Slade School of Fine Art, London
    2005-2006 Artistic Photography at Friedl Kubelka School, Vienna
    1998-2006 Auditing various courses at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
    1998-2007 Business Administration with an emphasis on Information Economy
    Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration
    1992-1998 Economics with an emphasis on Finance and Audit
    University of Kyiv, Ukraine

    Solo exhibition
    2009 The mine of my father, Thomas K. Lang Gallery, Vienna

    Selected group exhibitions
    2013 Curators’ Network 05, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna
    Industry, Gallery Ostlicht, Vienna
    2012 Special edition, IG Bildende Kunst, Vienna
    Rundgang 2012, Atelierhaus at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
    2011 The photography in reference…, Fotohof Salzburg
    2010 Triennial Linz – Contemporary Art in Austria, State Gallery Linz, Austria
    Change of perspective – Austrian Photography Today, Westlicht, Vienna
    2009 What kind of life? Between profession and vocation, Annual Exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna