Do., 06. Jun 2013

Pedro Diniz Reis


One night and presented by Hugo Canoilas

    Pedro Diniz Reis
    Born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1972.
    1995-2000 Graduate degree in Fine Arts – Painting at the Fine Arts University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal.
    Lives and works in Lisbon.

    stillview ,Bloody Chord‘, 2005

    Since the beginning of his artistic trajectory at the end of the 1990s, Pedro Diniz Reis (Lisbon, 1972) has mainly used video in his work, together with occasional experiments with other media, such as photography, performance and sound. His videos are the result of an extremely painstaking process, in which his irrepressible mastery and experimentation with the resources offered by this medium are allied to an obsessive formal rigour, enveloping the spectator in an intense sensory experience. Many of these works are made of images and sounds extracted from films and music videos, organised into non-narrative visual and sound compositions and sequences. Since 2004, has produced a remarkable group of works in which he makes use of certain linguistic signs – different alphabets, all the words of an English dictionary, the numbers from 0 to 9 spoken in Japanese – as abstract material, as pure signifiers, applying rules for the combination and sequencing of the different elements in order to construct sound and/or visual compositions that draw the spectator into a deeply immersive sensory experience. This group of works were previously shown in an exhibition at Culturgest in Porto, A dictionary, four alphabets and a decimal system, in November 2010. This exhibition had consequences that were as unexpected as they were crucial in his artistic activity, opening up a whole new field of creative possibilities, which were widely explored in two works presented in parallel: The Book of A’s and the performance 6489 A’s for prepared piano. Composed of three pieces in different mediums (video, sound and book), this second exhibition of Pedro Diniz Reis at Culturgest expresses a moment of remarkable creative combustion in his work.

    SOLO EXHIBITIONS (Selection)
    2011 Encontros Clandestinos – Cupcake, Appleton Square, Lisbon, Portugal.
    Encontros Clandestinos – Clairebear, Appleton Square, Lisbon, Portugal.
    Encontros Clandestinos – Uma História Contada Por Um Baterista, Appleton Square, Lisbon, Portugal.
    De A a Z = From A to Z, Culturgest, Lisbon, Portugal.
    6489 AA para piano preparado, Culturgest, Lisbon, Portugal.
    6489 AA para piano preparado, Culturgest, Oporto, Portugal.
    2010 Um Dicionário, Quatro Alfabetos, Um Sistema Decimal, Culturgest, Oporto, Portugal.
    O que o futuro foi, Laboratório das Artes, Guimarães, Portugal.
    2009 Uma história contada por um baterista, Festival escrita na paisagem, Evora, Portugal.
    Delicatessen, Voyeur Project View (webcam 2), Lisbon, Portugal.
    2008 Uma história contada por um baterista, MARZ – Galeria, Lisbon, Portugal.
    Grids, Appleton Square and MARZ – Galeria, Lisbon, Portugal.
    Bloody Chord + Drum Kit From Hell, Espaço Avenida, Sala Bebé, Lisbon, Portugal.

    2012 Camcloser – INTERFERÊNCIAS em Vídeo, Metropolitano de Lisboa – estação Baixa-Chiado PT Bluestation, Lisbon, Portugal.
    2011 To pay respect to the generosity of the three-minute punk-rock song, Crate Studio and Project Space, Margate, U.K..
    Antena 5 – Staging the Archive, MACE – Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Elvas, Elvas, Portugal (Cat.).
    Barulho de Luzes, Fundação EDP, Oporto, Portugal.
    Le choix du titre est un faux problème: Acte I – Assis au fin fond des petites mares honnêtes, CNEAI, Paris, France.
    2010 Da outra margem do Atlántico: alguns exemplos da fotografia e do vídeo português, Centro de Artes Hélio Oiticica, Rio de Janeiro.
    A secreta vida das palavras, Centro de Artes de Sines, Sines, Portugal (Cat.).
    Processo & Transfiguração, Casa da Cerca, Almada, Portugal (Cat.).
    2009 Viarco Express – Um século, Dez lápis, Cem desenhos, Museu da Presidência da República, Lisbon, Portugal (Cat.).
    EXPosition of mythology – ELectronic technology, Exhibition Hall 2, Nam June Paik Art Center, Seul, Korea.
    Velocidade de luz variável – Vídeo abstracto Português, Visual ’09, Biblioteca Histórica de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain.
    2008 Substance, Spike Island Centre of Contemporary Art & Design, Bristol, U.K..