Di., 19.02.


ein Abend von Anna Barfuss

    ,Fluid self‘, a mixtape by Wirefoxterrier, ca. 35 min
    ,Wellen‘, video by Cordula Thym, ca. 7min
    Fluid self
    1. Prada Commercial Spring/Summer 2013
    2. Michael Nyman „Water Dances I-III“ (Gliding, Stroking, Synchronizing)
    3. Enlightened S02E01 : The Key
    4. Alejandro Garri „Clara Lontana“ (http://www.garrieditions.com/)
    5. Michael Nyman „In Re: Don Giovanni“
    6. Wim Mertens : Gentleman Of Leisure
    7. Edith Bouvier Beale „The Best Thing To Wear For The Day“ (from „Grey Gardens“)
    8. Julianna Barwick „Vow / Pacing“
    9. Michael Nyman for Yohji Yamamoto „M 14 Anohito, No Waltz“

    Mixtape, Berlin am 18.03.2013

    ,Are you | t´essouffles‘, video by Bernhard Staudinger, 4’30min
    (enlarge: click image)

    Bernhard Staudinger
    *1980 in Vienna
    Studies in psychology, history, art history and musicology at
    University of Vienna
    Since 2007 student at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Class for
    Video-Installation, Dorit Margreiter
    2012 „Exkursion Kino“ Mumok (a cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts), Vienna
    2009 „Welches Leben? Zwischen Beruf und Berufung“ by Sabine
    Breitwieser, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
    2009 „Projekt Projektion“ by Dorit Margreiter and Matthias Michalka,
    Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna