Di., 29.10. (19h)

The Monster’s Heart by Carlos Noronha Feio

ein Abend von Ludwig Kittinger

    The Monster’s Heart by Carlos Noronha Feio started life as the heart for ‘THIS THIS MONSTER THIS THINGS‘, a meta artwork composed by Giorgio Sadotti and presented at Focal Point and Ikon Galleries. In an explicit reference to a culture of excess, the heart can be worn around the neck as a medallion. The Monster’s heart is an aggregation of it’s surroundings, it assimilates, revolves and tries to make a semblance of sense of its surrounding. The Monster’s Heart sound works were first commissioned as a playlist for the curatorial project OfficeSIM.com . For Ve.Sch Noronha Feio will be presenting a new incarnation of The Heart.

    Carlos Noronha Feio is an artist based in London. His recent shows include Accumulation, Displacement, Deletion, Rearrangement, and Insistence at Narrative Gallery in London, The Flag: Instruction manual #2 at Sazmanab Platform for contemporary art in Tehran, Flat-Pack Native and Other Pacific Constructions at Carlos Carvalho Arte Contemporanea in Lisbon, E um mundo novo! at Museu da Luz at Aldeia da Luz, This This Monster This Things at Ikon Gallery in Birmingham, You Are Now Entering_________ at CCA Londonderry~Derry in Northern Ireland, Image Wars at Abrons Art Center in New York, Da outra margem do Atlantico: alguns exemplos da fotografia e do video portugues at Centro Cultural Helio Oiticica in Rio de Janeiro, Imprinting the Social at Simulaker Galerija in Slovenia,as well as having exhibited at NCCA-National Centre for Contemporary Art in Moscow, Navikula Artis in Saint Petersburg, Fundacao EDP in Lisbon. His work can be found in several private and public collections as Colecao de Arte da Fundacao EDP in Lisbon and the Saatchi Gallery in London. You can find his work published at The Art of Not Making: The New Artist/Artisan Relationship as well as Nature Morte: Contemporary Artists Reinvigurate the Still Life Tradition both by Thames & Hudson.