Di., 29.04. (19h)


dienstag abend by Ludwig Kittinger & Fernando Mesquita

    Call for projects

    dienstag abend FEAST is a community meal and microgranting experment based on projects like FEAST in Brooklyn.

    Who can apply for the grant?
    Anyone from anywhere can apply for anything, no matter if it is realizable or not.

    How do I apply for the grant?
    Email a maximum 1-page description of your project proposal to: lu.kittinger@gmail.com
    All proposals will be anonymously on display in Ve.Sch that night, each one simply given a number.

    Featuring a dish by chief cook Fernando Mesquita , cost will be 2 Eur per bowl. All of the profit generated from the event will be given to support the winning project in the form of a micro-grant. Each guest at the meal will be allowed one vote to decide the winner of the grant. Additionally, also those applying, will be given one vote, in case they decide to skip the dish.

    dienstag abend believe that competivity is not and cannot be the only possible way of social interaction, so we wish that this meal serves more as an illustration of a method and see where it goes , rather than a real competition.