Di., 06.01. (19h)


ein Abend von Mads Westrup

    Celebrating the power of the two, spective classic releases
    Morendo Morendo – My Paris Is Called Colchester (eMEGO-195) and Red Man K’s Bedrifter (eMEGO-179)
    ***Notice : Live concert via telephone, starts at 20.00 & what


    review from rolling stones
    „Goodiepal’s return to the stage in 2008 after a 5-year absence remains one of the most impressive comebacks in music history. By the time he cut this new three-disc live album in September 2013, he had about 350 more shows under his belt. A great deal of the material here was covered on 2012’s Live at Roskilde festival 2000. “ Goodiepal’s hilariously self-referential „Icon Dub“ and a finale where he covers „U fik det daarligt.“ It’s the only song in the three-record set he didn’t write, but he makes the Drifters classic sound like an outtake from Narc Beacon.

    Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/albumreviews/goodiepal-live-in-paris-20141230#hc3KmD9Si1j