Christian Egger

Display Was A Cat Sneaking Toward An Echo Chamber

Freie Sammlung Wien #15
,untitled (C)‘, 2020

,untitled (C)‘, 2020
glue on HDscreen
82,5×145 cm

,untitled (S)‘, 2019
pencil on paper
33,5×25 cm

,untitled (E)‘, 2020
series of 9
each 30×45 cm

Language is what makes Display alive, Language is a social fact. The action of this exhibition is simply the cat´s “subjective” adventure. She was a really sweet, warm cat, but when you saw her, she looked standoffish. She was also already a tired old cat in this, her fourth life. Finally, we must not forget the rhetoric of the title: ”Display Was a Cat Sneaking Toward an Echo Chamber.” Who says so?

,untitled (D)‘, 2020
boxing gloves, barstool
90x53x53 cm